Miran Elbakyan

He creates works with an unmistakable sense of whimsy and grotesque absurdism. His medium: wrought iron.

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A blacksmith, practicing for decades, Miran forges all his work by hand, using the ancient techniques of the blacksmith in his studio on Granville Island.

Usually, his work starts at the drawing board, either working to express his artistic vision or with a client to bring their dream project to life.

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Miran's Granville Island studio

Then, the wrought iron is heated at over 1600 degrees, becoming malleable enough for Miran to craft it to fit his vision.

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Miran heats up an iron rod, soon to be part of the Blood Red Bench

After heating, Miran uses impeccable precision and technique honed over decades to shape the iron.

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Miran hammers iron into a tight knot

To combine the many intricate and complex elements of a sculpture together, Miran uses techniques like welding, pressure fitting, and of course forging.

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Miran welds together flowers to build a bouquet fence

Sometimes, though, Miran needs to get creative to capture the vision behind his works...

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Surprisingly, it'll look even more interesting when it's done

At the end, Miran's works never fail to convey a sense of ethereal whimsy, evoking a travelling circus -- a menagerie of misfits, grotesque creatures, and caricatures of everyday absurdities.

If you're interested in Miran's work, don't hesitate to reach out, either in person at his studio on Granville Island, or by any of the methods available on the contact page. In any case, Miran looks forward to hearing from you.

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On top of the world on the beach